25 March 2010

Family Matters

The other week, my brother came by to rack prints as I printed posters for a show of his. He recently recorded a full length album, and this was the record release show. Here's a picture of him holding up the finished product in my studio.
My brother and I got into punk rock together. He began playing guitar in 1995 or 1996, and I started playing drums shortly after. I have fond memories of him dragging his combo amp into my bedroom to play Screeching Weasel songs when we were in middle school. My poor parents. Although, my mom did once tell me that she liked the song, "Veronica Hates Me."
Over the years, my brother's songwriting has deviated greatly from the traditional punk sound, but I would argue that there is a still evidence of his roots in the music he makes.
Garret's new album is excellent. Check his music out here. He's out on the road this week playing some shows with our friend Mike, who also recently recorded some solo stuff.

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