25 August 2009

Chicago Printers Guild Mystery Tubes!!

Chicagoland has been known for it's vibrant printmaking and poster art scene. At the August Chicago Printers' Guild meeting, we devised a plan to raise some funds for the beloved gigposters.com. Each tube contains 18 prints from various Chicago-based artists (including one Jay Ryan monoprint per tube!) : Jay Ryan, Dan Grzeca, Sonnenzimmer, Delicious Design League, Steve Reidell, Justin Santora, Phineas Jones, Francisco, Diana Sudyka, Kathleen Judge, Spike Press, Ryan Duggan, Keith Herzik, Steve Walters (Screwball Press), Erin Armstrong (Kill Hatsumomo Prints).
There are only ten tubes, so act fast! Check it out.

I'll be putting the last color down for the second print in the new narrative series today. It should be available tonight. More art and posters on the way!

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