24 July 2009

Narrative Series part II

Flatstock 21 has come and gone. The two days went by quite fast -- both were filled with new and familiar faces, conversation, mailing tubes, vegan ice cream cones, and print trades. I also met a nice woman from Australia who gave me an Australian twenty-cent piece (featuring the platypus!) and got a great Bonnie Prince Billy poster from Gina Kelly.

I spent the two weeks prior to Flatstock printing at Screwball Press in Chicago. I fell in love with Steve W's vacuum table, which took a bit of getting used to at first. I'm definitely planning on building my own once I establish a more permanent workspace.

Yesterday, I began doing sketches for a new narrative series. Right now, it looks like it will be four prints, but I'm planning on working a little bigger than my last narrative series. Each print will be approximately 18x24, and edition sizes will likely be small, around 30 or so. To the left is a rough sketch for one of the drawings.
I've also been working on a private commission and skating a lot of miniramps. Ah, summer...

There's lots of drawing and printing to do!


Craig said...

considered offering a sub at some point? just sayin'

Justin Santora said...

Why yes, I am! I'm almost definitely going to offer a 2010 subscription (with some special bonuses for subscribers).
Email me for details if you're interested.

Alice said...

i look forward to your new narrative series!