06 July 2009

Fifteen hours and a bad case of trucker's arm

A Similar Sound: The Art of the Rock Poster opens this Friday, July 10th. I will have some of my posters on display along with many of Chicago's finest printers. It will be at Fill In The Blank Gallery (located at 5038 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago), and the reception begins at 7 PM (it's free; come hang out!). I've been really looking forward to this show, as well as terribly excited to be showing work alongside so many talented poster artists.
I drove from my apartment in Montreal to the suburbs of Chicago yesterday. It was a very sunny day, so my left arm is suffering a mild sunburn from resting on the edge of the driver's side door. Today, I put the finishing touches on the films for my Flatstock 21 poster, which I will be printing tomorrow at Screwball Press.
I have been lacking in the art print department lately, since I've been pretty busy with gig posters and coordinating the bit of traveling I have in store for the rest of the year. I'm planning on participating in Flatstock 23 in Hamburg, Germany, which will be my first time in Europe. I will be printing a new art print at Screwball while I'm in Illinois, and I've got a whole slough of sketches and ideas for future ones. They're on the way!

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Jennifer said...

Awesome Justin! Can't wait to see the new works and have a blast in Germany. Congrats on keeping busy.