04 June 2009


Today was one of those days where I had to practically drag myself away from my table. I'm thoroughly engrossed in a new art print at the moment. I also began doing sketches for a poster I will be printing for Chicago's own Mucca Pazza, among other things.
Mucca Pazza are an interesting (and really good) band. I've been listening to their music and watching live performances on youtube in order to figure out of what sort of drawing I should do for this poster. I think I finally settled on an idea, and my rough sketches have let my Bill Watterson influence show a bit. For those who are unfamiliar (shame on you), Bill Watterson is the creator of the comicstrip, Calvin and Hobbes. I'd like to retain a shred of this semblance in the finished product, not only for aesthetic purposes, but as a modest nod to the man himself.
Lastly, and on a much sadder note, my heart goes out to friends and family of Chicago musician Stephanie Morris, who unfortunately passed away this week. She had been active with the Pawner's Society and Dianogah. May she rest peacefully.

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