24 June 2009

One or more of your subjects may have closed their eyes.

Today was Saint Jean Baptiste day in Quebec, which is more or less like the provincial version of the Fourth of July or Canada Day. I printed a poster this afternoon for the Flaming Tsunamis and took advantage of the holiday and skated at some downtown spots. I also went swimming in a fountain, but that's neither here nor there.
I love the paper I've been printing on. It's a bristol stock, and it seems to take the ink very smoothly. The prints look especially organic on this paper, and I really like that. I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of arranging two-screen posters, too. Although I wonder what this poster would look like had I done a third screen for the two suits..
I draw a lot of figures with closed eyes, so I always get a kick out of my digital camera notifying me that "one or more of your subjects may have closed their eyes." If I can fool the machine, I suppose I'm on the right track.
I'll be heading back to Illinois to show some posters at {fill in the blank} Gallery and participate in my first Flatstock event, Flatstock 21 at Pitchfork Music Festival. I have a really big poster for that on the way. I'll be printing it at Chicago's Screwball Press.
I've also got some new art prints on the way, as well as a poster for the band Cursive.

There will be a lot of drawing, printing, and driving in the next few weeks. Or months.

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