18 February 2009

Borrowed bike, stolen photography

So on Valentine's Day, I went on a sweet dude-date with my friend, Logan. To the left is shot of his fixed gear bike that I rode from the South Loop to the Northside and back. This had been my first time riding a fixed gear bike in Chicago, and it was not nearly as stressful as I expected it to be. I used to be intimidated by city riding, but I had a lot of fun. Needless to say, I am now more motivated than ever to set up my own bike this spring and get riding. I rode to the post office to ship out a bunch of mailing tubes today (before the snow started). It's a very satisfying and enjoyable mode of transportation, and it's great to not deal with parking, pollution, etc. I think the act of riding a bike is more fulfilling and mentally engaging than driving a car.

On the artwork and gigposter front, I'm hard at work. I've got two posters to do this month, one of which is for some band called Propagandhi. I'll be sure to post that as soon as it's done. I'm thinking I'll make a post documenting the process form start to finish. I've also got a lot of drawing and art print ideas, as well as some other exciting developments for later in the year.
Logan and I have been friends since eighth grade. He has a functioning photo enlarger in his apartment. He develops and prints from home, and his brother brews his own beer. Logan recently began doing platinum/palladium printing, which is a photographic process that hasn't been popular since the first world war, automatically making it awesome. The process is not terribly unlike the way a screen is exposed in screenprinting, which has unavoidably inspired me to try doing a print or two on palladium from films of drawings.
Logan and I have plans to combine our respective minds and mediums to create a few collaborative pieces. This is a process I'll be sure to document. Or have Logan do it.
Check out Logan's black and white photography on Etsy.

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