09 December 2008

What's new at Pink Slip Press

Last week, I did a two color gig poster for The Spintoband. I've been experimenting more with ink for my line art. I 'm looking forward to using ink and brush work for some of my color separations in addition to (and in conjunction with) good old fashioned rubylith.

In other news, I hand printed a one color run of 600 CD jackets. They're going to be die cut this week (not by me). I'm happy to report I completed the run without wrist pain or any ostensible repetitive stress injuries.

I'm also designing tour posters for the band, State Radio and doing a t shirt design for Krush Skatepark.
As soon as I get finished with that, I can get back to a new series of art prints I've been working on. Below is a shot of one of my positives at the light table.

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