04 October 2012

I make a less-than-ideal penguin

This photo was taken this morning from the parking lot of my hotel in Minot, ND.  Minot is a very small city located about 50 miles south of the Canadian border.  I flew in last night for Minot State University's NOTSTOCK.  I am here (as is fellow Chicago poster artist, Jay Ryan) to speak with students and faculty, do screen printing demonstrations, and generally have an awesome time.
Today I gave a presentation about my work to a group of students, finished an exclusive Notstock print (with help from some kind MSU students), ate bagels, laughed quite a bit, and went swimming in the hotel's excellent pool.  Tomorrow, I have decided to print a poster for my own band's show (which is October 13th at Township, Chicagoans!).  Jay's doing an awesome print of some beavers.
I am overwhelmed by the reception here.  Everyone has been incredibly hospitable, friendly, accommodating, and enthusiastic about what we're doing.  Things have been pretty non-stop since I got off the plane Wednesday night, so it feels nice to decompress in my room a little bit.  There's also a rodeo in town or something, so this hotel is populated largely by cowboys.  Weird.

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