18 March 2012

While everyone was in Austin

It's unseasonably warm here in Chicago. To the right is a cellphone picture I took upon leaving the studio the other night. There are no windows in the rooms of our studio, so sometimes I don't know what to expect when I walk outside at the end of the day. It was nice to see that it was still light out and very temperate as I rode my bike to Native Foods for an outstanding sandwich and some pie. The following day (yesterday), I took my first full day off in a quite a while. Granted, the previous week I did take spend a couple of days in a recording studio laying down drum tracks, but I'm not so sure that counts.
Anyway, aside from all the printing, drawing, and extracurricular music making, my girlfriend and I hosted our friends Luke Drozd and his girlfriend Eva for a night while they were visiting Chicago. Luke, like almost every other poster artist, was on his way to Austin for Flatstock 33 at South By Southwest in Austin, TX. For the third year in a row, I waited too long to decide whether or not I'd go to Austin for Flatstock, so I'm sticking around in Chicago to tackle a whole bunch of posters and art prints I've got planned. I do want to finally get down there for SXSW, so hopefully I'll do it next year.
I'm lazing on the couch with the cat right now, but I'm about to head to the studio to print a color on a large run of prints. Seriously, my whole upper body is aching from doing this run by hand.

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