08 July 2010

Monoprints! Flatstock! Et Cetera!!

I just put a few mono prints up for sale in the gigposters.com classified section. These are one of a kind prints that are kept around my shop to test screens and check registration before starting a run. They're always a unique and fun record of what was being printed in a given time. This particular print (picture to the right) has elements from my print in the Crazy4Cult show at 1988 Gallery, a tour poster for Make Do And Mend, and some screens from a not-yet-finished art print.
As always, each print will come with a drawing or sketch or some bonus posters/prints.

So there's all kinds of Flatstock madness descending on various parts of the globe. This weekend is Flatstock 25 in San Francisco (which I will regrettably not be attending), Flatstock 26 in Chicago, Flatstock 27 in Seattle, and Flatstock Europe 5. You can keep track of all this awesomeness on the brand new FLATSTOCK BLOG.

I hope you're all doing well. I'm in the midst of a day filled with sketching, printing, and painting. Still so much to do! And there are all kinds of other fun things in the works, so as always, I hope you'll stay tuned.

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