22 November 2009


In an email to a friend today, I mentioned that it's hard for me to believe that with all the possibilities this world has to offer, so many people chose the most ordinary and unimaginative paths to follow. Saule Sidrys was not one of those people. I so rarely meet someone with her passion and ability to make friends with absolutely anyone. On November 18th, my friend Saule passed away.
It's so sad and confusing to know that you'll never see a person again. I had not spoken to her in a while, as she had been living in Poland, but one of the last times I had seen Saule, I got the distinct impression that she was living life in pursuit of her dreams. Her zeal was both admirable and inspiring. I'll forever wonder what else she would have accomplished had she not left us so early.

We will miss you.


Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful and talented friend.

VijaVija said...

I just saw this for the first time Justin, thank you so much for writing it! Throughout this whole process of trying to contemplate living life without my little sis, the one constant source of happiness and comfort has been reading what people have to say about her. Love you!