27 February 2015

I Ate Too Much at the Chicago Diner (again).

At the beginning of this year, I moved into a new studio space with my friends Landland and Never Sleeping.  We have been working tirelessly to get everything organized and set up (mostly so we can all get back to the drawing and printing we all have to do).  Everything will have a proper place, and we are doing our best to maximize every square inch of space here.  I think we have employed some pretty inventive and functional solutions.  I'm really excited about what this new studio and its atmosphere will do for progressing with our respective businesses and creative processes.  There's been a lot of amateur carpentry, loud math rock, Home Depot trips, and an endless stream of inside jokes.

If you're in Chicago, on Friday March 6th, I will be showing some prints at Saki Records.  There's a big party/reception from 6-9PM, and my friend's band AM Stations will be playing.  

I will be down in Austin, TX this March for FLATSTOCK 48. March 19th-21st, from 11AM - 6PM.

January update redux

The blog is back in town.

To the left is a snapshot of a little sketchbook drawing I did while my wife and I were traveling recently. I started playing around with opaque white pens on toned paper, which has proven to be quite enjoyable. It's definitely nice to have an additional value so readily available, even when just blocking in rough ideas. More on this later!

In other news, I will be down in Austin, TX this March for FLATSTOCK 48, and for you in Chicago, I will be having a show/reception at the beginning of March at Saki Records. Lots of really cool stuff is underway right now. Some very exciting new projects, shows, movement, the mixing of ink, and the creation of paper goods. Stay tuned.