26 October 2009

Impending transparent astronauts

Hello! Things have been pretty busy here. I've been doing a lot of drawing lately. To the right is some ink work for a new print. I'm starting to keep other parts of film preparation process in mind when doing the art for my key plate. I'm leaving a lot of open spaces to be occupied by colors, textures, layering, atmospheric perspective (which I often like to attempt with split fountains), and this one will probably have some more hand cut cumulus clouds in the sky. I'm beginning to approach the screen printing process more like a painting and a little less like a finished drawing to which I'm simply adding color.

Shifting gears a bit, here is the information for the 2010 print subscription:
Subscribers will receive one of each print I do for the entire year (an estimated 40-50 different pieces), which includes all art prints and gig posters. Subscribers will receive matching edition numbers, there will also be a small closed edition for subscribers only, as well as some other fun bonuses.
The subscription will open on November 1st. Information regarding cost, payment, etc. can be found at justinsantora.com

08 October 2009

Helium balloons and hanggliders

I finished printing these last night. Seven screens, edition of 33. I'm quite pleased with how they came out. Today I'm working on the drawing for the last in the series.

06 October 2009


I've been back in Montreal and back to work, first on a gig poster for The Flaming Tsunamis, and I've resumed working on the third print in the narrative series. I printed the fourth color today and have at least three to go, but I might do an eighth layer for some highlights if necessary. To the right is a picture taken after the first and second screens were printed. I am using transparent inks for each of the colors on this print, including the key line, which presents opportunities for subtle underprinting to achieve additional colors, texture, and depth. Cutting films knowing that the key line will be printed with a semi transparent color changes the approach a bit. Colors have to be trapped more carefully, but it's proving to be a challenging and interesting way to work.

I have a few pictures from my recent European excursion (including some from Groningen's Vera). I'll get those posted soon!

Stay tuned--this new print will be finished and available soon, and the fourth in the series is on the way, as well.